At the Art of Wellness, we are a premier wellness center that promotes all anti-aging efforts on the part of its clients across the Houston area. We are happy to offer cutting-edge photo rejuvenation treatments as an essential component of your overall Houston skincare plan. Here are descriptions of two unique forms of skincare treatments available at the #1 choice among Houston wellness clinics: Art Of Wellness.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy, also known as Fotofacial or photo-rejuvenation, is one of Art Of Wellness favorite methods to assist in anti-aging treatments by combating sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots – for even the most difficult to manage skin in Houston. IPL can also diminish or remove broken capillaries, redness, enlarged pores, and more.

Based on intense pulses of light that penetrate the skin, this revolutionary procedure gives many of the benefits of deep chemical peels or laser resurfacing, yet without the downtime. It’s important to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from UV light that can damage your skin immediately before and after your procedure, as well as in between treatments. We recommend more than one IPL session in order to obtain the best results for your anti-aging goals in Houston and the surrounding area.

Promote Healthy Skin with LED Therapy

No one appreciates the negative impact that acne has on skin, least of all adults who have a difficult time ridding themselves of this pesky problem. Art Of Wellness has the answer for Houston area adults that suffer from acne and are experts at constructing a comprehensive skin care program. We use LED Light Therapy with our IPL treatments in order to accelerate the repair of damaged skin cells and to kill the bacteria that cause acne. LED Light Therapy is safe for all skin types and all ages because it is non-ablative, non-invasive, and painless and involves no downtime.

Red/Infrared LED light enhances cellular metabolism and accelerates the repair of damaged skin cells, making it a key ally in anti-aging treatments for patients in Houston. This treatment works for all skin types and concerns. The blue LED light used in this advanced skin care treatment kills p.acnes bacteria that cause acne, leaving our clients with a much clearer complexion and great peace of mind.