Dermal filler treatments from Art of Wellness feel soft and natural under your skin, and they do a fantastic job of filling in wrinkles and depressions or giving greater volume to a given area.

These treatments do not take long to administer and carry a low risk of complications. Art of Wellness Medspa offers several fillers to our clients who want to restore a youthful look to their face by filling lines or restoring volume to thin skin.

Fillers are a group of products used in cosmetic dermatology that can be applied to everything from filling wrinkles to enhancing lips and improving cheekbone definition are gels that are injected under the skin.

Each of our fillers, give an immediate full and softer look to deep folds and wrinkles and facial contouring.  Fillers replace hyaluronic acid, a natural substance normally found in the skin that gets absorbed into your body over time, leaving lines and depressions.

Fillers are also wonderfully effective in augmenting lips to a fuller appearance, as well as giving your face an overall youthful, more filled-out appearance for up to eight months. These treatments using Juvéderm® and Restylane® are all FDA-tested and approved.

As with all cosmetic treatments, long-term effects will vary with each client. It’s important to define your treatment expectations before entering any medical spa. Art of Wellness has qualified personnel, extensive experience and a track record of customer satisfaction.  You can rest easy and entrust your precious skin and face to our highly trained cosmetic injectors.

Your search for a skin care facility that meets all of the above criteria will lead you to Art of Wellness. Be sure to ask one of our experts about which treatment will work best for you. We will take as long as you’d like to discuss your individual desires and case, so that we can choose the best anti-aging approach for you.